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Pazazz Performers Audition Information


Our June audition is our main audition. The August audition is intended for dancers who are out of town for the June audition or dancers who are new to the studio. Dancers who audition in June will receive contracts within two weeks of auditions and will have until mid July to commit. Dancers who audition in August will receive contracts within days and will need to commit by Aug 17. All dancers currently in company must re-audition to guarantee their place in company. If a dancer would like to move to a different company, they must audition for their current company placement as well as the higher level company they are working towards.
• AUGUST 13th ( Main Audition Makeup and New Dancers )
   • Pazazz Auditions 10am-11:30am
   • Pazazz Project Auditions 11:30am-1:00pm
   • Pazazz Kidz Auditions 1:00pm -2:00pm